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Doug Poland  |  Principal
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Doug specializes in real estate law and currently serves on his firm’s Technology Committees. With a B.S degree in Computer Science from Michigan State University and as a visionary in the use of technology to improve the quality and efficiency of the practice of law, Doug brings a unique set of skills to the ProLegal Systems team. Doug graduated cum laude from Wayne State Law School in Detroit Michigan. He is currently involved in various non-profit organizations and real estate industry organizations. Doug has previously served on his firm’s management committee and is a current member of the Management Core Group and the Technology Core Group of the Law Practice Management Section of the American Bar Association.
Doug Poland


Leadership Team

Chris Cubbage  |  IT Director
Chris has over 20 years experience in Information Technology. He combines a high level of technical expertise with a strong management background. He understands the importance of a solid IT infrastructure as well how IT aligns with business strategies. Chris has a Master’s degree in Information Technology from Grand Valley State University.
Chris Cubbage