• Accurate:

    Correct in all legal billing details.

  • Dependable:

    We quickly and easily step in and get the job done right the first time.

  • Experienced:

    Experts in over a dozen legal billing software programs.


Why Choose Prolegal

ProLegal Systems provides a seamless solution for outsourcing your legal billing and legal bookkeeping in Grand Rapids, MI. We eliminate the need for training and management because our team is thoroughly familiar with over a dozen different legal billing and accounting software options. That means that we will work with the legal management software you already use. Our team can quickly and easily step in to fill your needs and do so while reducing your firm’s overhead and allowing you to focus on the work of providing legal services to your clients.

Legal Billing Outsource Services

Outsourced Legal Administrative Services including:
Bookkeeping; Outsourced Legal Billing including E-Billing (LEDES); Management Services for your Law Firm,
and so much more in all 50 states.