Outsourcing Can Bring Health and Happiness

In 2011, a friend of mine named Mike Hughes started a business called Doorganics. Doorganics delivers organic foods to your doorstep. It is fantastic. I get fruits, vegetables, coffee, cheese, eggs, meats, bread, cereals and even prepared foods delivered right to my door like clockwork. I can let Doorganics decide what to send me or I can choose for myself. I can even program it so that some items come only once every 2nd, 3rd or 4th week.

Yes I could buy my food at the local supermarket but there is no chance that I will go back to the old system. Doorganics makes sense for too many reasons. First, I do not like to shop. I avoid it like the plague. I don’t like leaving the house to go to the store, I don’t like parking so far away from the door, I don’t like walking so far between items to get what I need, I don’t like checkout lines, I don’t like the displays to sell me things I don’t need and I don’t like feeling like I’ve lost another hour of my life at the supermarket. I just have better things I’d like to do with my time.

Doorganics has also changed my eating habits for the better. I eat more fruits and vegetables now than when I shopped myself. I also cook more. The bin comes with a weekly pamphlet that offers recipe ideas and other information.

Its convenient and its regular. I know I’m going to have food that is fresh when I want it and I don’t need to plan my day around the grocery store. I like knowing that the food is organic but organic has little to do with it for me. To me its all about time and regularity. It is so much easier and efficient to know that my food is going to be on my doorstep at a certain time each day. And its there – every time! I’ve never had them miss a delivery. Ever. And we live in Michigan! The bin has an icepack in it so it can stay cold if I’m not home when it arrives. If I’m going on vacation, I jump online and in two minutes I’m all set. No shipment this week and it will resume next week. Payments are automated so I don’t even have to swipe a card or write a check – let alone stand in a checkout line.

I get my food regularly and on time. I’m eating better and I’m not wasting as much food. I also don’t need to work this task into my schedule which usually varies week to week.

Outsourcing mundane tasks like billing can bring similar results to a law firm. Bills get processed and go out on time and with regularity. In turn, fees come in with greater regularity. Attorneys can focus on practicing law, networking or simply spending more time with family.

Who wants to go grocery shopping after practicing law all day? There is an easier and more effective way to run a practice.