The Flaws of the Typical Law Firm Management Model

Often to their own detriment, most small to mid sized law firms follow some variation of two basic management models. Under the first model, one lawyer serves as Managing Partner and under the second model the management is run by a small committee of lawyers. Both systems are flawed but yet these models still account… Read more »

Law Firm Dress Codes – Ancient Relics of the Past or as Important as Ever?

I recently had lunch with a business acquaintance and the subject of his company’s legal counsel came up. His attorney had recently changed law firms and my friend recounted how at the new firm “all of the attorneys wore suits and ties and seemed to be higher caliber.” His comment prompted me to reflect on… Read more »

Outsourcing Can Bring Health and Happiness

In 2011, a friend of mine named Mike Hughes started a business called Doorganics. Doorganics delivers organic foods to your doorstep. It is fantastic. I get fruits, vegetables, coffee, cheese, eggs, meats, bread, cereals and even prepared foods delivered right to my door like clockwork. I can let Doorganics decide what to send me or… Read more »

What Happened in July – Michigan’s Abysmal Bar Results

Michigan’s legal community was shocked by the low pass rate on the July 2012 bar examination results which were released on October 26, 2012.  Overall, only 55% of the test takers passed.  First time takers did marginally better; but not as well as they had in previous years.  What happened this term that is different… Read more »

Fatal Fascination of the Familiar

There’s a common disease that plagues many of today’s law firms, it’s referred to as the Fatal Fascination of the Familiar (FFF). The signs of the disease are:  inability to grow the practice, practices more interested in exploring  possible exceptions rather than focusing on being exceptional, each attorney acting as its own law firm (silo-ite-… Read more »