Sometimes a Carrot is Better than a Stick

We as lawyers are an interesting lot. Because many of us record our time in increments of 6-15 minutes and bill at generally fixed rates, we often come to measure the value of everything in minutes and dollars. We become focused on the Dollar; a trait for which we are often much maligned by the… Read more »

Hire Successors Not Underlings

Several years ago I heard Wolverine World Wide’s CEO, Blake Krueger, give a speech at an Association for Corporate Growth event. During his speech he touched on a hiring philosophy that started at his former law firm, Warner Norcross & Judd, LLP and continues at Wolverine World Wide. It was premised on the theory of… Read more »

If a Tree Falls in the Woods…

Out of private practice now for over two years, I find that my mind drifts now and then to thoughts of whether or not I will ever return to the profession that I enjoyed and that influenced so many facets of my life. Naturally, when I consider this question, I often think about whether I… Read more »

Royal Jelly

I keep two beehives as a hobby. Late one evening early in the fall, well after dark, I went out to check on how they were faring in the cooler weather. I found that one of the hives had just been abandoned. The colony had for some unknown reason lost its most productive and important… Read more »

Assessing the ABC’s

One of the first things I learned as a ski patroller was to assess a patient’s ABC’s: Airway, Breathing, and Circulation. These are not high-level functions but they are vital to survival. In a healthy individual, they happen automatically and regularly. When they are disrupted, they must be treated immediately. Until the patient is handed… Read more »